Baseworks Practice Japan

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BASEWORKS PRACTICE is a universal movement platform designed to develop strength & flexibility, joint mobility, motor control, body awareness, concentration, and relaxation. It offers clear steps and consistency in learning and is meant to guide people from different backgrounds to intuitively understand or enhance the understanding of the mechanics of movement.
In BASEWORKS PRACTICE classes, students progress through set sequences of “dynamic postures”. All movements are explained in an easy to understand way addressing all the variables of physical movement potential.
Baseworks Practice was developed by Patrick Oancia throughout his 20 years experience of teaching students movement.
Over the years, Baseworks Practice and its teaching methodology have incorporated influences from various movement disciplines (yoga, dance, martial arts, tai-chi, functional movement), taking into account some important principles of neurobiology and physiology, as well as many ideas from social sciences. It is also rich in Patrick’s own know-hows, developed over more than a decade of teaching students and teachers.